It will take a little more than another hour to make it up to North Bend. This would put is arriving there at around 2045 Zulu. At that time, the weather should be improving to VFR conditions. North Bend as a precision approach, the ILS to runway 4. Therefore, the legal requirements for its use as an alternate airport, also identified by FAR 91.169, tell us that weather reports, forecasts, or a combination of the two must indicate at least 600 and 2 at the estimated time of arrival to North Bend.

If the alternate airport has a non-precision approach, an 800 foot ceiling and 2 miles visibility must be indicated by weather reports, forecasts, or combination of both, at the estimated time of arrival at that alternate.

You could also choose to use an airport with no instrument approach as an alternate if weather allowed for descent from the MEA, approach, and landing under basic VFR.

These weather requirements are for planning purposes only. Should we actually need to go to the alternate airport, you would use the minimums listed on the approach chart to conduct the approach.

We can now add the alternate airport to the flight log.

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