Speed Limit Below 10,000 Feet MSL

There is an indicated airspeed limitation of 250 knots or 288 mph when operating below 10,000 feet MSL.

Speed Limit Near Class C or Class D Primary Airports

When within 4 nm of the primary airport of a Class C or D airspace area and at or below 2,500 feet AGL, a 200 knot or 230 mph indicated airspeed limitation is imposed.

Speed Limit Underneath Class B Airspace

A 200 knot or 230 mph indicated airspeed limit exists anytime you are flying below Class B airspace.

VFR Corridor Speed Limit

If flying along a VFR corridor through a Class B airspace area, the indicated airspeed limit is 200 knots or 233 mph.

ยง 91.117 Aircraft speed.