Class B Arrival Procedures

To arrive to an airport within Class B airspace, check the ATIS and call approach control while outside the airspace. You must receive an air traffic control clearance to enter Class B airspace. The approach controller must state your call sign and the phrase, "Cleared to enter the Class Bravo". If the controller states your call sign and says, "Roger", or "Standby", you may not enter the airspace.

Once cleared into the Class B airspace, arrival procedures are similar to those of Class C airspace areas. The approach controller will transfer you to the tower controller when you are closer to the airport. The tower controller will provide any necessary instructions and a landing clearance. Ground control will handle your ground movement.

Transitioning a Class B Airspace

Monitor ATIS and contact approach control with your transition request, prior to entering the airspace. Again, a clearance is required to enter the airspace.

Departure Procedures

After monitoring ATIS, call clearance delivery for a departure clearance. For example, "Orlando Clearance, Cessna Seven One One Papa Tango, VFR to Ocala at four thousand five hundred, with alpha". Clearance delivery might respond, "Cessna Seven One One Papa Tango, cleared through the Class Bravo airspace, after departure fly runway heading, maintain VFR at or below one thousand five hundred, departure frequency one one niner point four, squawk four six one four".

When ready to taxi, contact ground control for taxi instructions to the departure runway. When ready for takeoff at the departure runway, contact tower for a takeoff clearance. As you exit the local area, tower will switch you to departure control, who will handle your departure from the Class B airspace.