Communicating with the Flight Service Stations While Airborne

The flight service station may be called on its airborne frequencies. The FSS provides the same services to airborne aircraft as it can to pilot's on the ground. These services include opening, closing, and filing flight plans, receiving weather briefings, and checking for notices to airmen. To contact obtain FSS services while airborne, contact the FSS with your position and advise them of the radio frequency on which you are receiving. When the Flight Service Station answers, state your request. Refer to the flight service station as "Radio".


Pilot: "Lexington Radio, Cessna one two four mike mike, on one two two point six five."

Radio: "Cessna one two four mike mike, Lexington Radio."

Pilot: "Cessna one two four mike mike, just departed Jackson county airport at twenty one minutes past the hour, we would like to open our VFR flight plan".

Communicating with Flight Watch

Communicate with flight watch by calling "Flight Watch" on 122.0 MHz. When the controller responds, state your request.